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23 April 2014

Latin American Entrepreneurs: Many Firms but Little Innovation

The last World Bank study titled “Latin American Entrepreneurs: Many Firms but Little Innovation” has been presented in Lima (Peru) in April. The report says that businesses in Latin countries are "hindered" by the low level of innovation of enterprises. “Latin American firms introduce new products less than firms in other developing regions” is written in a World Bank Document. The report highlighted...

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09 April 2014

The Foundation Local Economic Development Agency Morazán (El Salvador) has recently published its activity report for the year 2013, as part of the mechanisms aim at disseminating activities and processes performed by the foundation. The report contains main achieved results related to non-financial services, technical assistence to enterprises, financing, trade fairs, realized travels / visits/ missions, actions to strengthen...

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02 April 2014

AGFUND International Prize 2014

The Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND) announced the AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects 2014 in the field of Marketing of Homemade Products. The selection of this subject marks AGFUND’s interest in developing marketing techniques with the aim of improve Homemade Products’ trade and bridging the entrepreneurial skills gap faced by the communities in the developing countries. The prize...

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01 April 2014

REDBIOLAC - Network of Biodigesters for Latin American and the Caribbean

The REDBioLAC website -Network of Biodigesters for Latin American and the Caribbean- presents wide information on the results of the 5th Network Meeting, held in October 2013 at Zamorano University in Honduras. The event was focused on sharing experiences about integrating biogas in productive processes, by generating electrical and mechanical energy from the treatment of domestic and municipal sewage, and waste generated by agribusiness,...

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31 March 2014

Workshop on line with Colombian LEDA

In the framework of an agreement with UNDP ART Program, ILS LEDA realised a webinar (i.e. a conference/workshop to be shared with remote locations) with RED ADELCO -network of Colombian LEDAs - and 6 Colombian LEDAs, focused on the topic “Territorial Sustainable Competitiveness Strategies”. The webinar was agreed for reinforcing capacities of the LEDAs in discerning strategies and correspondent actions aimed at pursuing...

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06 March 2014

RTF is an ongoing action-research project funded and implemented by ILS LEDA; concerns the territorial system of Campi Flegrei (Province of Naples - Italy), consisting of the geographic areas of the towns of Bacoli, Giugliano, Marano, Monte di Procida, Pozzuoli, Quarto, the western neighborhoods of Naples, and the islands Ischia and Procida. The project aims gathering information about current and potential territorial resources in...

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13 February 2014

ADELBAHO implements financial services for LED

ADELBAHO - the Local Economic Development Agency of Bahoruco (Southern Dominican Republic) - obtained financing various initiatives oriented to the promotion of local economy. Initiatives have been financed by FEDA – Special Fund for Rural Development. Last February 9th, President of Dominican Republic Danilo Medina visited Bahoruco Province, he met the group of local institutions and approved 37 millions of pesos to finance...

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06 February 2014

El ingeniero italiano Giancarlo Canzanelli es el director de la Red Internacional Global de las Agencias de Desarrollo Económico Local (ADEL), que trabajan para el desarrollo humano, con 60 agencias en todo el mundo, de las cuales participan también las 11 de Colombia. Canzanelli elogió la capacidad que se tiene en Colombia para el desarrollo económico local, y considera que trabajando conjuntamente, la...

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31 January 2014

Mission of Giancarlo Canzanelli in Colombia

From 19 to 22 January, ILS LEDA Director Giancarlo Canzanelli  was on mission to Colombia with the aim of supporting UNDP Colombia and ADELCO Network, and initiating the certification of Colombian LEDAs through IQUAL methodology. IQUAL will provide the quality label for LEDAs operating for human development  and will include a plan for improving LEDAs’  permormance. In addition, it sought to support the UNDP...

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21 January 2014

Starts Activities of International Year of Family Farming - a news by IDEASS Program

The International Year of Family Farming IYFF starts its activities in January 2014. In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted this initiative and invited the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) to facilitate the implementation of the IYFF in collaboration with various non-governmental, government and international stakeholders. The International Year of Family Farming aims to promote policies for sustainable development...

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16 January 2014

Launch LEDA in Lebanon

On December 20th of 2013 in Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in Beirut, the Local Economic Development Agency of the Beirut Southern Suburbs (ALEDA BSS) was launched during a ceremony to which more than 150 people attended. The launch was announced by Hajj Ahmad Hatoum,-President of ALEDA BSS & Deputy Mayor of Haret Hreik Municipality, who introduced the ceremony; Giancarlo Canzanelli, CEO of ILS-LEDA;  Edmond Garios,  Mayor...

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03 January 2014

ILS LEDA support UNDP Kosovo in elaborating 2014-2015 actions

According to the main results of the 2013 EURADA / ILS LEDA activities, the mission was aimed at elaborating the guidelines for 2014-2015 actions, and sharing them with the local stakeholders (UNDP, Aid for Trade Program, RDA, Municipality of Dragash).   Through meetings with the abovementioned stakeholders the correspondent plan was elaborated and shared.   Its main objectives are to provide improvement of capacities of...

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19 December 2013

Supporting creation of Associations in Kosovo

In the framework of ILS LEDA technical assistance to UNDP Kosovo Project in Dragash municipality, a new mission of Gabriele Di Stefano took place in November aimed at supporting gatherers and producers of Bee, Herbs and Forest value chains in the creation of associations and forums of associations.    The main objectives of this mission were: ·       Organising meetings and...

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12 December 2013

Red ADELCOM performs Congress "Boosting milk starting from local"

The Network of Local Economic Development Agencies of the Dominican Republic (ADELCOM Network) organized on October 2013 the Conference Boosting milk starting from local, in collaboration with national relevant institutions of the sector. This congress represented the first opportunity of integration and coordination among all the actors of the national milk supply chain and the LEDAs have positioned themselves as strategic instruments...

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04 December 2013

ILS LEDA mission in Lebanon

This mission was carried out between 10 and 19 November. It is part of the plan for ensuring the ILS LEDA assistance to the UNDP Art Gold Program in Lebanon, with particular reference to the start up of the  LEDAs. Specific objectives were:  To enhance LEDAs Management board knowledge in terms of management and planning,  To improve the LEDA staff capacities on building and manageing value chains, including...

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