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12 June 2015

KIP EXPO Paviiion Partners

ILS LEDA is present at EXPO Milan 2015 as a partner of KIP International School. KIP Pavilion named "Attractive territories for a sustainable world", valorises a series of worldwide undergoing experiences aimed at quality, integrated, and sustainable territorial development able to add value to food productions and their related traditional techniques and know-how. To...

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08 June 2015

LEDAs @ EXPO Milan 2015

ILS LEDA is participating at EXPO Milan 2015, within the pavilion of KIP International School named "Attractive Territories for a Sustainable World". In this context, the promotion of LEDAs is successfully continuing. Main information about LEDAs of ILS LEDA network are at disposal of people visiting the KIP Pavilion. The visitors can find information by using the interactive touch screen or by watching the videos...

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15 May 2015


Since 2011, the Biocomercio Andino Project has been contributing significantly to the conservation and sustainable exploitation of biodiversity in the Andean region. During the past four years, GEF–PNUMA and CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) have been working together on this biotrade development initiative in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, stimulating market driven business solutions for the reinforcement of inclusive and sustainable...

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07 May 2015

AGFUND Prize 2015: Alleviation of unemployement among youth

  AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects was established in 1999 by the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND), with the aim of inciting and encouraging innovation and creativity in human development. The idea behind this Prize stemmed from AGFUND’s approach to support development activities that endeavour to achieve sustainable investment in people.   AGFUND Prize of which...

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30 April 2015

Dialogues between ILS LEDA and Red ADELCO on "Fundamentals of Local Economic Development" have been initiated

COLOMBIA -  On April 29, dialogues between ILS LEDA and the Network of Local Economic Development Agencies of Colombia on "Fundamentals of Local Economic Development (LED)" have begun. These dialogues seek to enrich the cognitive heritage of the essential elements of the LED processes and strategies as well as strengthen the capacity of Red ADELCO in supporting their partners (11 development agencies in the country). The...

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28 April 2015

The Dominican LEDA Network is accompanying the creation process of the first Agency in Haiti

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - With great enthusiasm, last April 16, the creation process the first Local Economic Development Agency in the Northeast Department of Haiti was started. Over the next six months, the network of Local Economic Development Agencies in Dominican Republic (ADELDOM) will be accompanying, with its technical assistance, the territorial entities that have decided to improve the quality of life and human development through...

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31 March 2015

ILO VCA training facilitated by the North LEDA

LEBANON - Within the framework of the Local Economic Development (LED), and the project of “Enabling job resilience and protecting decent work conditions in rural communities in Northern Lebanon”, the International Labor Organization (ILO) has contracted the North LEDA to facilitate a three days training to identify the priority of the Value Chains Development (VCD) interventions by the LED stakeholders. The training took...

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18 March 2015

Exchange of experiences between the Spanish Network of Rural Development and the Network of LEDAs of Dominican Republic

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Last 12th of March, the first exchange of experiences between the Spanish Network of Rural Development - REDR - and the Network of LEDAs of Dominican Republic - ADELDOM - was successfully ended. The initiative had multiple objectives: sharing learned lessons, knowledge and results of networking for territorial development, bringing the reality of a Northern country with a Southern country, as a means of learning...

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13 March 2015

EL SALVADOR - In the framework of the EU project "Strengthening agricultural small producers of the Morazán Department", LEDA Morazán - supported by ILS LEDA - has ended the PERTEM program to define the personality of the Department.   It identified the differences between the department and other national and international areas, based on which to increase their competitive potential and/or establish cooperative...

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10 March 2015

The ILS LEDA RESCO methodology is being implemented in Tunisia

TUNISIA - ILS LEDA carried out a Formation-Action process in the framework of the UNOPS ATLAS program in Tunisia, during the months November and December 2014. 30 operators from public and private institutions of the two regions of Jendouba and Kairouan were trained to apply the RESCO (REDCO in French), an ILS LEDA tested methodology aimed at analyzing and assessing territorial value chains, and finally helping the elaboration of...

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06 February 2015

The progresses of ADEL La Union in El Salvador

  EL SALVADOR - ADEL La Union has been established in 2011, thanks to the support of ART UNDP Program in El Salvador, initially requested by the Secretary for Development and Decentralization (SSDT) and successively by the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency (STP).   At the beginning it has been supported by UNDP / ART Program and the Committee on Support to Local Economic Development (CIADEL) composed of the Technical...

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03 December 2014

EL SALVADOR - In 2011, the LEDA Morazán has launched a strategic initiative to internationalize the territory's economy, opening a branch of its financial structure AMC International in the United States. The first office was established in the State of Maryland and others ones are planned in Washington D.C. and Virginia. Already in 2000 the LEDA Morazán, seeking strategies for its sustainability and to invest its surplus,...

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26 November 2014

KIP International School receives the area on which it will build a pavilion at the Expo Milan 2015

ITALY - On november 13th, 2014 EXPO 2015 handed over the area on which the KIP International School will build its Pavilion; title of it is Attractive territories for a sustainable world. Participants in the event were: Ms. Fosca Nomis, from EXPO 2015; Mr Luciano Carrino, Mr Famiano Crucianelli, Mr. Luciano Gonnella and Mr. Giancarlo Canzanelli from the KIP International School; President Yuan Xiong and a numerous group of Chinese partners...

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25 November 2014

EL SALVADOR - The Morazán LEDA with the support of ILS LEDA started the program aimed at defining the territorial personality of Morazán (PERTEM), in the framework of the European Union project “Strengthening of small farmers in the Department of Morazán", through the ILS LEDA mission in El Salvador from 14 to 23 October. The definition of the personality of a territory is the first step of the territorial...

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24 November 2014

ILS LEDA accompanies delegation of the Mayor of Bogota (Colombia) to the industrial district of Valdarno Superiore in Tuscany

ITALY - ILS LEDA has accompanied a delegation from the Secretariat of Economic Development District of Bogotá (Colombia) from October 17 to 21,  to visit the experience of industrial district of Valdarno Superiore in Florence (Italy). The Colombian delegation was composed of Hernan Ceballos, Undersecretary for Economic Development; Rolando Higuita, Assistant Director of Regulation and Incentives; Johana Maria...

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