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02 February 2016

Strengthening the Territorial Services Centers for the Economic and Social Development (CIDES) in Senegal

From the 21st of November until the 21st of December 2015, ILS LEDA developed a mission following the research action process started in Senegal, in order to support the start up of two CIDES in Pikine and Kaolack territories. The mission, has been developed in the framework of the KIP International School technical assistance to the Integrated Program of Economic and Social Development (PIDES) promoted from the Ministry of Family, Women...

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01 February 2016

Guidelines for strategic economic development in Siberia

ILS LEDA keeps supporting the Formaper BLAGO European project "Bettering Livelihood of Vulnerable and Low Income Communities in Siberia", with a paper which provides specific orientations and indications about possible territorial economic development strategies, according to the available documentation. The assessment regards the Altai region, the Alejskij Rajon, the Rebrihinski District, the Bijskij District, the Pervomaycky...

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20 December 2015

Eurada award for the European development agency of the year 2015

The EURADA Award "European Development Agency of the year 2015" was handed over on Tuesday 17 November 2015 in Brussels. Jury composed of EURADA Executive Committee members awarded the East Netherlands Development Agency thanks to its "Food Valley Ambassador Programme" Mr Henri Janssens received the prize. East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NV) is an agency that focuses its activities and projects on strengthening...

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13 December 2015

RESCO Methodology adopted in Siberian territories

In the framework of a collaboration established in the KIP Pavilion during the EXPO Milan 2015, FORMAPER, the Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan for entrepreneurial training and services, invited ILS LEDA to start carrying on the RESCO methodology in Russia. FORMAPER is leading the European Union Project, named Blago, in the Siberian territories of the Irkutsk region, the Buryatia Republic, and the Altai Republic with the aim...

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19 November 2015

The experience of the KIP Pavilion at EXPO 2015 has now concluded

October 31 ended the experience of the KIP Pavilion at EXPO 2015. The KIP International School is especially proud to have built the Pavilion exclusively with private funding and that it was made available to governments, international organizations, ninetyfour groups and networks bringing together several thousands of public, private and associative organizations from forty countries. READ MORE KIP Pavilion @ EXPO MILAN 2015,...

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04 November 2015

A Palgrave-Macmillan book (USA) includes cases of LEDAs

Palgrave Macmillan editor (USA) published on September 2015 a recommended book titled “Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure and Business Development”, edited by Stefano Caselli, Guido Corbetta e Veronica Vecchi. The innovative approach of the authors goes beyond contracts for infrastructure and service delivery, and distinguishes and reports about PPPs as a multifaceted phenomenon, including business-government...

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27 October 2015

Local Economic Development Agencies protagonist at EXPO 2015

Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) of the ILS LEDA network were protagonist at EXPO 2015 in Milan, through participating to various initiatives in the framework of the KIP pavilion activities, such as: 1)      Exposing their results and best practices during two weeks from 13 to 26 September at the KIP pavilion, in particular from 11 Colombian LEDAs represented by the national network RED ADELCO; REDASP,...

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26 October 2015

Conference of European Union, Government of Colombia and Red ADELCO to build peaceful territories

19 October 2015

Workshop at KIP Pavilion Expo 2015

The workshop “Local Economic Development Agencies: 100 good practices from the territories for a better world” has been carried out at the KIP International School Pavilion in the EXPO Milan 2015 from 21 to 23 September 2015. More than 100 people coming from Albania, Argentina, Belgium, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Germany, Haiti, India, Italy, Lebanon, Mali, Poland, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, and Switzerland...

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27 August 2015


The international meeting Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA): 100 good practices from the territories for a better world” will take place from 21 to 23 September 2015 in the KIP pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015. The meeting is organised by the KIP International School and the ILS LEDA Network. So far more than 120 people have registered coming from 22 countries: Albania, Argentina, Belgium, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic,...

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15 August 2015

No solo es el simple hecho de elaborar un menú turístico, sino que es la vinculación que se realiza de todas aquellas iniciativas económicas dedicadas al desarrollo turístico de la zona occidental de El Salvador.  El surgimiento radica a través de la asistencia recibida por Vincenzo Milio de ILS LEDA, en el marco de la Asistencia Técnica del Programa ART del PNUD y ADEL Morazán,...

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30 July 2015


Social Flight One, the first airplane in the world built in a prison, has been installed in the KIP Pavilion at Expo 2015 on July 12, 2015. It has been presented at Expo 2015 through an official inauguration with its creators and the representatives of Mediterraneo learn more KIP Pavilion @ EXPO MILAN 2015, as emphasized by its title "Attractive territories for a sustainable...

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29 July 2015


Marco Cavallo, a blue horse built in 1973 by the sculptor Vittorio Basaglia with the patients of the Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste (Italy), a symbol of freedom, rebellion and human rights has arrived in the KIP Pavilion to feed the planet, to fight total institutions and to build welfare systems able to accommodate everyone… Read more KIP Pavilion @ EXPO MILAN 2015, as emphasized by its title "Attractive...

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13 July 2015

Towards the Conference of the LEDA in EXPO: 100 best practices for a better world

75 days are missing for the Conference of the LEDA in the EXPO 2015 in Milan from 21 to 23 Sept. Until today 33 ADEL and 2 national networks have confirmed their participation, from Albania (2), Colombia (12), Ecuador (1), El Salvador (3) Guatemala (1), Haiti (1), India (1) , Lebanon (2), Dominican Republic (7), Senegal (2), Serbia (2), Sri Lanka (1). Other LEDAs are in the process of confirmation. Participants will bring 100 good...

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23 June 2015

Cittaslow International week in the KIP EXPO Pavilion

Cittaslow International Network presented in the KIP Pavilion ideas and projects to build a shared future among the slow cities associated... more KIP Pavilion @ EXPO MILAN 2015, as emphasized by its title "Attractive territories for a sustainable world", valorises a series of worldwide undergoing experiences aimed at quality, inclusive, integrated, and sustainable territorial development.

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