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12 October 2011

ILS LEDA participated in the First World Forum of LEDAs

The “First World Forum of Local Development Agencies, Territory, Economy, and Local Governance: new perspectives for times of change” was held in Seville on 5, 6 and 7 October 2011. It was called by the Andalusian Regional Government, the UNDP ART Initiative, and FAMSI – Andalusian Municipal Fund for International Solidarity, with the participation of over 1,300 delegates and representatives from 47 countries, representing...

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05 August 2011

Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility

 Corporate Social Responsibility has been integrated as an essential part of organizational management and increasingly more organizations identify themselves with its meanings and seek to understand the fundamentals of the concept to facilitate its implementation to its fullest potential. ADEL Metropolitana presents a seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility and models of internal and external impacts associated with the activities...

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19 July 2011

The Cocoa Route in Esmeraldas

The Corporation for Economic and Territorial Development - Corpo Esmeraldas, in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Esmeraldas, USAID - Productive Network, the Ecuadorian Fund for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Union of Organizations "Eloy Alfaro", is promoting the tourist project " Ruta del Cacao ", based on the management of small cocoa farmers in Río Verde county, where is located...

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15 July 2011

ADER Santa Fe is the Leda of the month

ILS LEDA is pleased to announce that ADER Santa Fe is the LEDA of the Month.   Regional Development Agency of Santa Fe (Argentina) is a public-private partnership established in 2007. Its mission is to promote, stimulate and encourage fair, equitable and sustainable economic development of Santa Fe and its region, creating a public-private consultation body, enhancing productivity and competitiveness of the region and local economic...

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13 July 2011

A global expert in Territorial Development to implement best practices in Dominican Republic

The ART-Dominican Republic Program provided support to the General Directorate for Territorial Management and Development (DGODT) to host global expert in Territorial Development Sergio Boisier, who cooperates with the ILS LEDA Program, in order to increase knowledge and skills in the area.   The Agenda - which attracted the participation of deputy ministers, managers, coordinators and personnel of the Ministry of Economic, Planning...

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01 July 2011

ADER Santa Fe is a LEDA for human development

In the framework of IQUAL Program, ILS LEDA is pleased to announce that the Regional Economic Development Agency ADER Santa Fe (Argentina) has been officially certified as a LEDA for human development and got the Orange Sunflower quality label. IQUAL is a program to improve the quality of LEDAs for human development. It aims to be an instrument to help Local Economic Development Agencies in achieving accredited performance in promoting...

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17 June 2011

Mission in Lebanon to support local beekeepers

From 19th to 25th of June 2011 – in the framework of the activities of support provided to UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon to strengthen the honey value chain and support the beekeepers - a new ILS LEDA mission will be held in Lebanon.   The mission will be lead by Vincenzo Panettieri, President of APAU – Association of Beekeepers Umbria (Italy), in continuity with a process of training and consultancy begun in recent years during...

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15 June 2011

Territories networking for human development

The International Forum on aid effectiveness "Territories networking for human development" will be held in Foligno (Italy) from 15 to 17 June 2011. The Forum is conceived for the actors of the Italian, European and International cooperation, is organized by  Fund of Local Entities for Descentralised Cooperation and Sustainable Human Development (FELCOS Umbria), the United Nations Development Program's ART Initiative...

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13 June 2011

ILS LEDA is pleased to present the new “LEDA of the month”:   LEDA of Morazán (Morazán Department - El Salvador), is a non-profit, autonomous foundation, approved through Executive Decree No.5 of the Ministry of the Interior in 1994. Its mission is to contribute to the Department’s sustainable economic development through technical-financial cooperation programs directed towards productive sectors...

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08 June 2011

ILS LEDA highlights Innovation: three proposals for Green Economy

The interest on green economy, a model based on sustainable development and ecological economics, which takes into account the level of environmental impact of every macro and micro economic intervention, is constantly increasing at international level.   This month ILSLEDA  inaugurates a special line of attention to innovation in the field of green economy, due to tow main reasons: 1)    green economy is a...

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02 June 2011

A course on "Governance of sustainable local human development" in Albania

In the framework of the “Local Human Development Laboratories”, the first module of the Course “Governance of sustainable local human development” is starting on next 6th June in Albania. The three-month professional course will be will be held in Vlora and Shkodra Regions and will be especially addressed to young professionals from public administrations and institutions, research and education institutions,...

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28 May 2011

Strengthening the start up of the ADECOM (Bolivia)

On May 25 is over the 12-day mission to Bolivia of ILS LEDA and LEDA Morazán (one of the participant to the ILS LEDA network). The aim was to assist ART GOLD Bolivia Program in strengthening the start up process of the ADECOM (Community Economic Development Agency) in the Oruro Department.   The mission had many meetings at national level with UNDP, and at departmental level with the governor and the departmental government...

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24 May 2011

“Compartimos 2011”, the traditional annual meeting for Etimos members, was held in Turin (Italy) from 11 to 13 May, promoted by Etimos Consortium, Etimos Foundation and Gruppo Abele.  “Compartimos” highlights the mutuality and cooperative dimension that distinguishes Etimos, an international financial consortium that collects savings in Europe and invests in developing and emerging countries financing microfinance...

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18 May 2011

Home Biofilters: biological filters to remove greywater nutrients

In Latin American and Caribbean countries, 124 million people lack proper sanitation facilities and hygiene conditions are poor. Over 75% of sewage is dumped into the environment without treatment, contaminating the very water sources that are used for drinking (UNICEF 2008).   Greywater is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing, which contains no fecal matter and can be recycled...

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17 May 2011

Spring School on Governance of Sustainable Tourism

As part of the process to create an International School for the Millennium Platform promoted by the KIP-UN Initiative, Universitas Programme (KIP-UN Initiative) collaborated with many partners in the Marche Region (Italy) to organize a Spring School on “Governance of Sustainable Tourism”. The Spring School, whose courses started in Urbino (Italy) on 16 May and wll finish on 27 May, is coordinated by Sara Swartz (Universitas...

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