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11 October 2012

ILS LEDA analyzes economic system of Dragash Municipality (Kosovo)

In the framework of an agreement with Eurada/ILS LEDA (April 2012), UNDP ART Kosovo commissioned ILS LEDA to analyze the economic system of the Municipality of Dragash. It implies the analysis of the competitive and sustainable potential (carried on through a previous mission and its follow up ), the analysis and the feasibility of a territorial service system, and the elaboration of strategies able to overcome the obstacles and...

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10 October 2012

Appreciation for Guarantee Fund in Albania

In the framework of UNDP ART GOLD Program Albania, the Bankers Petroleum Ltd. showed its interest in supporting local economic development initiative carried on by the Program.   Bankers Petroleum is a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration and production company focused on maximizing the value of its heavy oil assets in Albania. Bankers Petroleum approached UNDP ART GOLD Program Albania since the company is interested in support...

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04 October 2012

The Economic Development Agency of Córdoba (ADEC) together with the Municipality and the Province of Córdoba is organizing the American Forum of Local Development Agencies (LEDA) "Knowledge management in the territory" that will be held on 25 and 26 October 2012 in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.   The International Forum aims to be an opportunity of meeting between public and private actors of local and...

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03 October 2012

To learn more click the link below:    

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24 September 2012

Support to the Action Plan of National System of Production in marine coastal area of El Salvador

In the framework of a cooperation agreement between the Technical Secretariat of Presidency of El Salvador and UNDP Program, a new ILS LEDA mission took place at the end of July in El Salvador, in order to realize operative actions to implement the action plan of national productive development system for marine coastal belt (to learn more see   In particular, the main objective...

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17 September 2012

The factories recovered by workers in Argentina

In August 2012, the web page of the IDEASS Programme published a strategic innovation for human development: the Factories Recovered by Workers in Argentina.   Since the year 2000 the workers in Argentina decided to not leave the factories closed for bankruptcy or because abandoned by their owners, organizing themselves in Cooperatives to retrieve the production. Today 20.000 employees manage more than 300 recovered factories throughout...

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11 September 2012

 At the end of August 2012, the Foundation LEDA Morazan (El Salvador) has been contractualized by UNDP Program El Salvador to support and facilitate the establishment and startup of Local Economic Development Agency in La Union (El Salvador), as a management model of local economic development to be transferred to other towns on the coast. This consultancy is in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement in support of National System...

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07 September 2012

Support to socio-economic development in Dragash (Kosovo)

An ILS LEDA mission was held in Kosovo from 8 to 21 July, aimed at providing technical assistance to UNDP Kosovo in identifying, analyzing and assessing the competitive territorial resources and elaborating shared strategic guidelines for the territorial socio-economic development in the area of Dragash municipality.   The mission has been organized on the basis of three operational guidelines:   ·    ...

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02 September 2012

ILS LEDA mission in Lebanon to improve LEDA's capacities

A new ILS LEDA mission took place in Lebanon from 13 to 16 June 2012, to provide technical assistance to the UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon program to improve the LEDAs capacities, either in management and for the start up conditions, with particular reference to the Beirut Southern Suburbs (BSS) area.   During the mission several meetings with UNDP ART GOLD BSS and BSS LEDA management board took place in order to finalize the elaboration...

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24 July 2012

An ILS LEDA mission to Cuba

A new ILS LEDA mission took place in Cuba from 28 to 31 May, aiming at the following objectives: Analyze the new governmental policy to facilitate business initiatives, especially for public officials. Evaluate the results and lessons learned from the Fridel Program, established under UNDP programs (PDHL ART). Verify possibilities and opportunities to reactivate that program to provide loans to new enterprises, including...

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20 July 2012

UNIVERSITAS FORUM: Journal on Human Development and International Cooperation

The KIP Universitas Programme has now published the latest issue of Universitas Forum: Co-constructing public policy for the social and solidarity economy. This special issue is the result of a collaborative effort between Universitas Forum and the Chantier de l'économie sociale, Quebec (Canada) and it contains the abridged versions of background working papers and country case studies prepared for...

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19 July 2012

EURADA and ILS LEDA start a project in Nicaragua for strengthening the women entrepreneurship

   EURADA and ILS LEDA are partner of a project funded by the European Union for the realizing a Local Formative Pact aimed at the promotion and support of women's businesses, with a focus on social inclusion in the Department of León in Nicaragua.   Led by IFOA (Training Institute, Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce) the project includes partners like the National University of Nicaragua in Leon, the Economic...

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03 July 2012

Plan for productive development on the coastal belt of El Salvador

A new ILS LEDA mission took place in El Salvador from 22 to 26 May. Several meetings were held during the mission, with the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, UNDP and the IDB, and the following results have been achieved at the end of the mission:   1)    action plan proposal for national productive development on the coastal belt, which has been elaborated and agreed upon with the Secretariat of the Presidency 2)   ...

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31 May 2012

Universitas Forum_Call for abstracts on innovative ideas and experiences of social protection

Universitas Forum  is launching a call for abstracts of innovative ideas and experiences of social protection, from the perspective of human security, inviting critical conceptual contributions and proposals for policy and action based on innovative practical experiences from researchers, professionals and actors from around the world.  Deadline for submission is 20 July 2012.  For full details of call,...

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28 May 2012

ILS LEDA starts capacity building for LEDA management in Lebanon

In the framework of the UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon (AGL),  ILS LEDA started capacity building for the LEDAs’ management for the Southern Suburbs of Beirut Development Agency (SSB-DA). The SSB-DA was registered as a no-profit public-private agency in December 2010, and it started its activities through the support of AGL. AGL requested a specific support for developing capacities of the Management Board in the LEDA management...

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