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11 June 2013

Governmental initiative to establish LEDAs in El Salvador

A national government initiative for the establishment of LEDAs has been officially launched in El Salvador. The CIADEL – Interinstitutional Committee Supporting LEDAs – has been established at this aim, to support indeed the establishment and start up of the departmental development agencies, prioritizing the agnecies of coastal strip departments (La Unión, La Libertad, Sonsonate, Usulután).   CIADEL...

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06 May 2013

ILS LEDA supports national and territorial stakeholders to foster the development of SMEs

 ILS LEDA mission took place in Bolivia from 15 to 21 April, with the following objectives: ·       participate to the international seminar “Building Public Policies for SMEs in the framework of Plural Economy: Towards an agenda for cooperation between stakeholders”; ·       provide technical assistance to ADEL Metropolitana de La Paz, to strengthen...

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19 April 2013

  On April 9, a Project for strengthening the organization, association, competitiveness and market access for small producers of 7 agricultural sub sectors of Morazán Department, in El Salvador, has been launched by ADEL Morazán. This project will be developed in the framework of European Union Thematic Program "Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development", and it will be executed by ADEL Morazán...

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17 April 2013

Building public policy for MSEs in plural economy framework: towards an agenda for cooperation


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09 April 2013

ILS LEDA mission to Ecuador to support economic development

 A new ILS LEDA mission took place in Ecuador from 25th February to 5th March. The mission objective was following up the previous mission that took place in October 2012. During the previous mission action guidelines to support the Program “ Youth, Migration and Employment” have been carried out, as well as the support to economic development decentralization process to Ecuador, and the assistance to the territorial...

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28 March 2013

ILS LEDA mission in El Salvador to support coastal strip development strategy

A new ILS LEDA mission took place in El Salvador from 03 to 12 February. The objective of the mission is helping UNDP ART to support the government in implementing the development strategy of coastal strip, according to the results achieved in the previous ILS LEDA missions.   It is worth noting that UNDP ART has brilliantly fulfilled all the recommendations formulated in the previous mission: MINEC - Ministry of Economy - officially...

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08 March 2013

ILSLEDA-University of Florence case study on the role of LEDAs for innovation

As a result of a collaboration between ILS LEDA and ARCO LAB (University of Florence – Italy) , a case study on the role of Local Economic Development Agencies for innovation has been finalised and reported in a paper. The paper investigates the role played by Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) in facilitating innovation, and specifically in fostering the emergence of Territorial Systems of Innovation and sustaining the...

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30 January 2013


From the 9th to the 18th of January ILS LEDA participated to a mission of ART INITIATIVE in Palestine, together with Johannes Krassnitzer (ART Geneva) and Randa Harb (European Decentralized Cooperation Network for Palestine). The objective of the mission was to identify how the ART Initiative could best support and strengthen the project  Empowering Socio-Economic Development in Hebron Governorate (Hebron Now),...

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29 January 2013

ILS LEDA participated to a mission by ART-Initiative in Lebanon

From 26 to 30 November 2012, ILS LEDA participated to an ART Initiative mission to Lebanon. The mission had the objective of assessing the status of the three LEDAs established in Lebanon (North Lebanon, Bekaa, and Southern Suburbs of Beirut), proposing initiatives for supporting their start up, find out the solution for the use of the existing Guarantee Fund scheme, which did not give the expected results. The LEDAs have been...

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23 January 2013


A bio-district is a geographical area where farmers, citizens, tourist operators, associations and public authorities enter into an agreement for the sustainable management of local resources, based on organic production and consumption (short food chain, purchasing groups, organic canteens in public offices and schools). In bio-districts, the promotion of organic produce is inextricably linked with the promotion of the land and its special...

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20 December 2012

IDEASS and ILS LEDA participate in the Technology Platform for organic food and farming

In November 2012, a membership agreement has been established by the IDEASS Programme and ILS LEDA Programme with the Technology platform for organic food and farming (Food, Fairness and Ecology) represented by his Secretariat, based in Brussels (Belgium).   The Technology platform is an initiative of TP Organics. It integrates views of the organic sector and civil society to represent a broad perspective on research and development...

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22 November 2012

ILS LEDA supports decentralization process in Ecuador

Ecuador launched a big process of decentralization of competences from governmental to sub-national governmental level, with the aim of improving life quality of people at local level establishing a productive economic system popular, supportive and sustainable promoting participation and social control assuring the population equal access to services and public goods; safeguarding cultural diversity ...

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21 November 2012

In the framework of the development strategy for Marine and Coastal Belt in the department of La Unión (El Salvador), the Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA) La Unión signed its Constitution Act on Friday November 16, 2012.   The Act created a public private partnership that is developing synergies between local governments and economic, environmental, cultural, and social organizations in the department of La...

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12 November 2012

High Level Conference on the "Role of descentralisation in the consolidation of democracy in Albania and European Integration"

On the 30th and 31st October 2012 the High Level Conference on the Role of descentralisation in the consolidation of democracy in Albania and European Integration was hold in Tirana. In this framework and in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior of Albania, UNDP ART GOLD 2 Programme organized and moderated Session VI on Local and Regional Development, which was focused to three main topics: Successful models of Participatory...

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19 October 2012

The role of the network of municipal offices for local economic development promoted by the Regional Agency REDASP in Sumadija and Pomoravlje

The development by the Regional Agency for economic development  REDASP of the Offices for Local Economic Development, since in 2005 in the 13 municipalities of the territory of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje region, constitutes an innovative governance tool for the design and implementation of territorial strategies for sustainable development. These offices, indeed, allows both the Regional Agency REDASP to promote more...

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