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Limpopo LED Resource Centre (LLEDRC)
The Limpopo LED Resource Centre (LLEDRC) is a non-profit Association. Its mission is to contribute to the reduction of poverty, unemployment and marginalisation in South Africa and in Limpopo Province in particular, and to contribute to the attaining of the Millennium Goals, by stimulating job creation and the development of local economies, small businesses and co-operatives, through community participation and empowerment. The work of the LLEDRC is carried out through four interlinked supporting Units, each headed by an experienced Adviser in his or her particular field, and in the overall area of developing local economies. The four Units are: Training & Capacity Building; Policy & Research; Knowledge & Information; Project Development & Implementation.
ADB - Asian Development Bank
ADB is an international development finance institution whose mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people. ADB's main partners are governments, the private sector, nongovernment organizations, development agencies, community-based organizations, and foundations. Under Strategy 2020, a long-term strategic framework adopted in 2008, ADB will follow three complementary strategic agendas: inclusive growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration. In pursuing its vision, ADB's main instruments comprise loans, technical assistance, grants, advice, and knowledge Although most lending is in the public sector - and to governments - ADB also provides direct assistance to private enterprises of developing countries through equity investments, guarantees, and loans. In addition, its triple-A credit rating helps mobilize funds for development.
AEIDL - European Association for Information on Local Development
AElDL was founded in 1988, in the form of a not-for-profit organisation. Its General Assembly is made up of local development stakeholders and specialists from various sectors of the civil society and European Member States: academics, development agents, association managers, civil servants and social economy company directors. AEIDL’s objectives focus on contributing to a united, citizen-oriented Europe, based on sustainable development and equal opportunities, by offering an extensive range of services to local development and civil society actors, along with various institutions including the European Commission. AEIDL’s thematic activities cover local development in its broadest sense and include urban and rural development, employment and social affairs, regional development, training and professional insertion, democracy and citizenship, the environment, support for SMEs and businesses in the social economy.
AISLO - Associazione Italiana Incontri e Studi sullo Sviluppo Locale
AISLO - Italian Association for Meetings and Studies on Local Development - is an italian non-profit association established by scholars, institutions and companies that work on local development, both on the theoretical side and for concrete actions on the field.
Associazione Italiana delle Agenzie di Sviluppo Locale e Marketing Territoriale (AIDA)
AIDA is the Italian association of local development and territorial marketing agencies. Set up in 2003, its mission is to strengthen and enhance the development agencies' role in promoting and revitalizing business and social structures in the local area where each agency operates.
CLED - Center for Local Economic Development
Center for Local Economic Development (CLED) organization established in February, 2003. CLED is eager to achieve maintaining and strengthening active civil society control over socio-economic processes and developing effective civil initiatives related to maintaining sustainable development in the country. CLED expresses its mission with the motto “To achieve equal development opportunities everywhere for everybody”, accepts that one of the biggest richness of Azerbaijan is its human resources and therefore, assumes that the main condition for ensuring sustainable development of the country and creating equal opportunities for the people is the education.
CLES - Centre for Local Economic Strategies
Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) is an independent think-doing organisation,with charitable status, involved in regeneration, local economic development and local governance. CLES brings together a network of subscribing organisations, which includes regeneration partnerships, local authorities, regional bodies, community groups and voluntary organisations. Established in 1986, CLES undertakes a range of activities including policy research, production of publications, training, an information and briefing service, events and a consultancy trading arm - CLES Consulting.
Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) – División de Desarrollo Económico (DDE)
La División de Desarrollo Económico (DDE) tiene como principal objetivo la promoción de un crecimiento económico de largo plazo y con equidad en los países de América Latina y el Caribe. Esta misión se instrumenta a través de tres estrategias: un seguimiento sistemático de políticas y reformas macroeconómicas, una evaluación de la incidencia de estas en términos de sustentabilidad, eficacia y equidad, y un apoyo sustantivo para la formulación e implementación de dichas políticas y reformas por parte de los gobiernos. Para lograr esto, la DDE trabaja en conjunto con otros departamentos y agencias del Sistema de Naciones Unidas, otras Divisiones de la CEPAL, las subsedes de la CEPAL en la Ciudad de México y Puerto España y las oficinas nacionales en Bogotá, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Montevideo y Washington.
CSEM - Service Centers for the Entrepreneurial Endeavors of Women
Service Centers for the Entrepreneurial Endeavors of Women (CSEM, by its acronym in Spanish) are territorial entities that provide technical and financial services to foster the undertakings of women in a way that will contribute to the creation of jobs and incomes which are competitive and support the dynamization of the local economies.
CURDS - Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
CURDS is an internationally recognised centre for inter-disciplinary academic expertise in the field of local and regional development studies and it is part of the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology (GPS) at Newcastle University.
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