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Elaborating papers is one of the tools for systematizing and disseminating the ILS LEDA experience and the lessons learned.

Papers include reflections, approaches, methodologies or systematization of experience.

You can view all the papers, or search by specific countries or keywords, within a list of pre-selected options.
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October 2008
Territorial Economic Development and Human Development: the ILS LEDA approach
Abstract: What is the ILS LEDA approach on territorial economic development? ILS LEDA supports national and local efforts in adopting a territorial...

October 2008
Desarrollo Económico Territorial y Desarrollo Humano: el enfoque de ILS LEDA

October 2007
Glossary of terms related to territorial economic development
Abstract: It tries to clarify the most common terms in the literature about LED, such as Business Centers, Business Clusters, Business...

March 2007
Micro Crédito y Desarrollo
Abstract: It tries to discuss when and where microcredit policies are a useful instrument for development, and why often it does not help...

February 2007
El Partenariado Público Privado (PPP) para la gobernanza de los proceoss sostebiblles de desarrollo económico en la experiencia de ART
Abstract: This brief article intends to provide few key concepts about enhancing effective and useful public private partnership (PPP) with...

September 2006
Dalla “cooperazione decentrata” alle “partnership territoriali”
Abstract: The text, after revising briefly the European policies on decentralised cooperation, illustrates the ILSLEDA approach for favouring...

September 2006
Strategie di sviluppo economico territoriale nei programmi di sviluppo umano delle Nazioni Unite
Abstract: The following document aims to illustrate the experience of ILSLEDA in the promotion and enhancement of the endogenous potential...

April 2005
The U.N. Millennium Development Goals and economic development
Abstract: The paper wants to provide a contribution on the Sachs’ report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), from the perspective...

February 2005
Preguntas acerca el desarrollo económico local, una guía biliografica a las respuestas
Abstract: El concepto del territorio expresa una realidad compleja: su lectura, interpretación, y gobierno en relación al proceso...

August 2004
Valorización del potencial endógeno competitividad territorial y lucha contra la pobreza
Abstract: Forthcoming
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