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Elaborating papers is one of the tools for systematizing and disseminating the ILS LEDA experience and the lessons learned.

Papers include reflections, approaches, methodologies or systematization of experience.

You can view all the papers, or search by specific countries or keywords, within a list of pre-selected options.
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Last Papers

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September 2013
Strategy, Governance and Local Economic Development Tools
Abstract: A recent study by Ernst&Young shows how globalization -increasing the last years-, although not affecting the large majority...

September 2013
Essential bibliography on LED and LEDA
Abstract: The document contains essential bibliographical notes on DEL, specifically on topics related to strategy, public policy and LEDA.

August 2013
Public Private Partnership: from the contractual to the multi-stakeholders cooperative model

March 2013
The role of Local Economic Development Agencies for Innovation
Abstract: The paper investigates the role played by Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) in facilitating innovation, and specifically...

February 2013
Radiographia de una agencia de desarrollo economico territorial
Abstract: Se presenta todo lo que es minimamente necesario conocer sobre la experiencia de veinte anos relativa a las agencias de desarrollo...

January 2013
Descentralization of services and territorial economic development
Abstract: The decentralization of functions from central government to local administrative levels is the basis for a sound policy to encourage...

January 2013
The role of Local Economic Development Agencies in the context of decentralization in Ecuador
Abstract: A discussion guide on the role of Local Economic Development Agencies, with particular reference to some experiences in the Ecuadorian...

May 2012
Finance and Human Development

April 2012
Specificity of local economic development processes and strategies in developing countries
Abstract: The document contains a brief description of what ILS LEDA does, the main characteristics of developing countries where ILS LEDA...

March 2012
Abstract:  “ART Initiative and LED” shows 141 practices and innovations on local economic development supported by ART...
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