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Apply IQUAL - Improving the Quality of LEDAs - and your LEDA will be evaluated to be certified as a LEDA for Human Development and included in a free Technical Assistance at Distance Program lead by ILS LEDA!

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Some LEDAs have been already awarded in the framework of IQUAL Program; click the links below to see the certifications:

ADER Santa Fe (Argentina) June 30, 2011

AULEDA (Albania)
 September 28, 2011

ADEL Morazan (El Salvador)
September 28, 2011

REDASP (Serbia) September 28, 2011

RUEDA (Sri Lanka) September 28, 2011

ASDECOHUE (Guatemala) January 12, 2012

CONQUITO (Ecuador) March 22, 2012

CODECOB (Ecuador)  July, 2012

ACUDIR (Ecuador) September, 2012 

ADELVA (Dominican Republic)  May, 2013

ADEL LOS DINOSAURIOS (Colombia) September, 2015

ADEL Narino (Colombia) September, 2015

ADEL Zapatosa (Colombia) September, 2015

ADETDA Dajabon (Dominican Republic) September, 2015