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A Game

Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA) are no profit structures -whose members are local administrations, ngo’s, associations of business and civil society, academic world, aimed at promoting and supporting fair, competitive, inclusive and sustainable territorial development.

LEDAs are effective instrument for implementing local and national strategies. It is created generally by a LEDA Promoting Group, possibly assisted by experts, which plans -in a participatory way- all the necessary activities, through frequent meetings and high commitment.

The LEDA provides comprehensive services for economic and business development, mainly to the weakest part of entrepreneurs and population, and also Ngo and local administrations.

The LEDA works to achieve its self-sustainability through several differentiated source of finance, and avoiding subsidies from local, national, and international entities.


The objective of the game is to verify if the player is able to create, with a little luck, a Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA).

It goes trough 5 steps, with different topics each one: membership, promoters, services, customers, and sustainability. For each one of them, the player has to confirm or not the 4 random options among possible 8 that will appear on the screen.

At the end, a score will pop up, and the player will know its performance level.

The final score depends on your ability, but also on the typology of the appeared questions.